BAC Philmont Advisor's Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I ship stoves to Philmont?

A. All stoves must be shipped to Philmont prior to your arrival, and then shipped back home upon completion of your trek. The shipping box is stored in your Philmont locker during your trek. White gas fuel bottles must be free of fuel, washed, and left open during shipping. All fuel must be purchased at Philmont.  Philmont sells white gas and canister fuel.  The address for shipping your stoves is as follows:   

Your Name + Expedition # (example: 711-L1) 
47 Caballo Rd.
Cimarron, NM 87714 

Q. Is there an emergency phone number to contact Philmont?

A. (575) 376-2281 - Telephone calls are restricted to extreme emergencies only. It may take hours, or longer, for a crew member to be contacted in the 200+ square miles of rugged mountain wilderness and transported to a phone.

Q. Will we be able to attend religious services at Philmont?

A. Each evening at 7PM, Philmont offers services in the four chapels at base camp - Protestant, Catholic, LDS, and Jewish - through the Philmont Chaplaincy. All participants are expected to attend daily service while in base camp. Catholic scouts are granted a special dispensation by the Archbishop of Santa Fe, allowing their pre-trek service in base camp to compensate for missing Sunday Mass in the backcountry during their trek.

Q. How do I send mail to a camper at Philmont?

A.  If you'd like your crew member to receive a letter or package before they go into the backcountry, you'll want to mail it 8-10 days before their trek begins.  If you want them to receive their mail when they finish their trek, mail it shortly after they begin their trek.  

Name + Expedition #

47 Caballo Rd. 
Cimarron, NM  87714 
*Make sure address contains no more than 3 lines.

Q. Are there camperships available?

A. Each year, Councils receive Waite Phillips Camperships to award to scouts in their Council. Camperships are $350 or $700 and are based on need. Units that receive crew slots through the Philmont-direct lottery may apply to Philmont for a crew campsership. Details are sent to contingent leaders each Fall.