BAC Philmont Advisor's Guide


Each meeting you'll receive important training to help prepare for Philmont.  In addition, you'll receive information about the Contingents' logistics and administrative items. PLEASE NOTE: These meetings are only for advisors who are part of the Council Contingent, and not crews that have made their own unit arrangements with Philmont.

Tuesday evening meetings are at 7:30 PM at Baltimore Area Council's President's Room at 701 Wyman Park Drive, and last about 90 minutes.

TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 10, 2019 -"T-Minus 10 Months: What should I be doing to prepare myself and my crew?" 

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 15, 2019 - "Crew Training"

plus Sample Shakedowns

TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 12, 2019 - The "Big Four"

TUESDAY, JANUARY 21, 2020 - Trek Selection

SATURDAY, MARCH 28, 2020 - Outdoor training (DATE TO BE CONFIRMED)

(This training includes the crew youth leadership)

TUESDAY, JUNE 16, 2020 - Trip Logistics  & Contingent Uniform/Bag distribution

Be prepared!


The contingent doesn't formally provide Wilderness First Aid classes for participants. We do share information provided to us when classes are being held in the area. If you are aware of a class that you'd like advertised, or if you are a scouter who is certified to teach the American Red Cross course, please contact us.